The Chinup Project, A Review – Part II

The Chinup Project, A Review – Part II

For the last 4 weeks I have endured a program that has at times pushed me to my limits. Joe Peek-Big A*$ ArmNot so much from a physical standpoint, though the program is very much physical, but from a mental standpoint. The Chinup Project is as mentally tough as it is physically tough. More so than I could have ever thought.

The daily grind of 4 to 5 sets of chinups became to be a nuisance. It seemed at times I was going to the pullup bar as much as I was going to the bathroom! However, even my lack of excitement nearing the end of this 4 weeks was not going to deter me from completing my mission. I fought through it and enjoyed the pump I received after each set nonetheless.

So, enough about my mental state during the program.  Let’s get to the results after 4 weeks.  Here we go.

Chinup Project-Week 4 ResultsAs you can see above, in weeks 3 and 4 I was able to increase my chinups and winded up with over 700 chinups in 4 weeks.  The number 700 became my motivation every time I went to complete a set in the last week.  I wanted to hit that number if only because I knew it was within reach.

So, how much growth in arm size did I receive?  See below.

Left - 16 1/2"

Left – 16 1/2″ – July 19, 2015

Left 16" - June 20, 2015

Left 16″ – June 20, 2015












Right 16 5/8" - July 19, 2015

Right 16 5/8″ – July 19, 2015

Right 16" - June 20, 2015

Right 16″ – June 20, 2015









Boom!  After 4 weeks and 703 chinups, the results are in.  The “Chinup Project” has held true to its word and I’ve added at least a 1/2″ to each arm.  Just as good, I feel my arms are bigger too! Shirts are a bit harder to get on and off.     I flex my bicep and I notice a bulge.  All is well and any anguish I endured during this time has been worth it.

What I’ve Learned

  • Chinups are a great way to pack on muscle.  Having never used them vigourously in the past, they have now become a staple in my programming.
  • This program works.  I’d be ticked right now if it didn’t!
  • Supinated grip (palms toward you) is much easier than neutral grip (palms facing each other).  At least it feels easier.
  • Greasing the groove takes a strong mental approach.  You have to really want it!

Moving forward, I believe the program will be a bit easier.  At least from a mental standpoint as I won’t be having to complete chinups on the daily.  The prescription for the next 4 weeks is weighted chinups, 3 days a week, using your 6 rep max weight (for me, 35 LBS) for 25 reps each day.  Alternate between supinated and neutral grip. Expect to grow another 1/2″ to your arms!

Stay tuned, I’ll be back with an update in 4 weeks.  Until then, Stay Jacked, Stay Strong!


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