Squat-Butts & Blue Jeans

I hate shopping for clothes. Particularly, blue jeans. Nine times out of ten, shopping for blue jeans is a horrible experience for me. In fact, within the last 6 months I’ve been shopping for jeans twice. And twice, I’ve come home with nothing.

Buying jeans can be a complete time-waster. Besides the fact of having to go in the store and try each and every pair on, I suffer from SBS…


For those of you who aren’t familiar with SBS it goes like this. You go to the gym, get in the squat rack, put the bar on your back and start squatting.

Over time, as you do this more and more your glutes become well-developed. Big, round, rock-hard glutes. Also referred to as “squat-booty”.

7 Squat Everyday Challenges

If you’ve been following my other posts, you’ll have realized by now that I am a big fan of the squat. There is no compound exercise more simple, outside of the deadlift, that packs on muscle and works your body to a sweat.

Also, with a huge number of rep schemes and different programs available for the squat, you should never get bored with this exercise. This is why I’ve chosen to write again on squatting.

Squat Every Day

Unless you have been hiding under a rock as of late, you have probably heard the buzz surrounding squatting every day based on the Bulgarian method and brought to life by Coach John Broz.

However, I originally learned about the method of squatting every day from Cory Gregory, President of Muscle Pharm.   You can check out his podcast when he was a guest on Barbell Shrugged and find his latest “Squat Every Day” program here.

7/13 Squat Program – A Review

Looking for a challenge?  A real test of mental fortitude?  Well, look no further.  The 7/13 squat program will make men out of boys.  Seriously, it’s no joke.  7/13 originally came from The Outlaw Way programming when Spencer Arnold of Power and Grace Performance, was involved with them.  If you don’t know who Spencer is, check this out, or this, or this.

Hatch Squat Program – A Review

Do you even lift, bro?  Outside of the bench press, the squat is considered to be one of the Kings of Fitness.  And I’ve found nothing is more fatiguing than a squat program.  I also know this.  Just like buying a boat, where the best days come when you buy it and when you sell it, same goes for a tough squat program.  The best days of the program are when you start and when you finish.  Why?  Well, when you start a long 12 week program such as Hatch, everything is new.  New rep scheme, a sight on new accomplishments.  Just the feel of the overall program, like you’re onto something different.  And when you finish the program, it is a heck of a sense of accomplishment to be consistent in squatting for 12 weeks.  You’ve come a long way and it is time to test your strength with a max day.

Top 10 Squat Programs – Part II of II

Last week I brought to you five of Jacked & Strong’s top ten squat programs to best build strength and muscle.  Whether you are looking to increase your one rep max or overall muscle endurance taking on a squat program will help get you there faster.  To finish up our top 10 list, I am listing some of the best intermediate programs out there.  Beginners stay away.  Come back to this page once you’ve depleted your newbie gains and you’re ready for a great challenge.