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How to Read 40+ Books A Year

In order to become great, you have to sharpen your mind.  You can lift all the weights you want but to truly become Jacked and Strong, you must open your thinking to the world around you and one way to do this is through reading everyday.

Reading everyday serves us a few purposes.  First, it provides an avenue of mental clarity.  When you’re reading, it’s just you and the book.  It’s a new world of information for you to process and learn from.  When you’re reading the right things, you can better yourself in the long run.  It only takes one idea to get the wheels turning in your head.  Use your time wisely and read.  Stay away from the television.  You should not give a crap about what the Kardashians did last night!

Cheating 101: 3 Ways to Cheat a Cheat Meal

If you’ve ever gone on a diet or you are one who watches your weight regularly, then having a cheat meal during the week may be something you really look forward too.  After all, you work hard on your physique and having one meal outside of your norm won’t hurt your gains.   So that what I am saying isn’t exaggerated, a cheat meal isn’t giving you permission to go on an all-out food binge.  It’s simply a “meal” you can use during the week to let go for a bit and not be so strict on yourself if you’re following a balanced diet.

Hatch Squat Program – A Review

Do you even lift, bro?  Outside of the bench press, the squat is considered to be one of the Kings of Fitness.  And I’ve found nothing is more fatiguing than a squat program.  I also know this.  Just like buying a boat, where the best days come when you buy it and when you sell it, same goes for a tough squat program.  The best days of the program are when you start and when you finish.  Why?  Well, when you start a long 12 week program such as Hatch, everything is new.  New rep scheme, a sight on new accomplishments.  Just the feel of the overall program, like you’re onto something different.  And when you finish the program, it is a heck of a sense of accomplishment to be consistent in squatting for 12 weeks.  You’ve come a long way and it is time to test your strength with a max day.

10 Benefits of Rising Early

Mornings are awesome. For me there is no better time of day than when I first wake up and get moving. And I’m not talking about a 10 AM kind of morning either. I mean early rising before the sun comes up and getting on the ready to crush my day.

14 Items For A Better Gym Bag

Ever been to the gym only to get there and realize, “Crap, I forgot something!”?  We’ve all been there and it can be a frustrating inconvenience at times.  Packing a gym bag in preparation for your training is a great way to ensure you keep everything in one place so you don’t forget the next time.  Below are some items you will want to include.

The Chinup Project, A Review – Part II

For the last 4 weeks I have endured a program that has at times pushed me to my limits. Joe Peek-Big A*$ ArmNot so much from a physical standpoint, though the program is very much physical, but from a mental standpoint. The Chinup Project is as mentally tough as it is physically tough. More so than I could have ever thought.

10 Reasons to Become Jacked & Strong

In order to get Jacked, in order to get Strong, you must take action.  It’s not for everybody.  Not everybody can hack it.  It takes a certain mentality and a certain mental toughnessYou either want it or you don’t.  For those of you that do, I have a simple tip for you…”Go Get It.”  It’s that simple.  Get your butt in the gym, take care of yourself in the kitchen and get a proper amount of sleep at night and you can dwindle the fat away and become a lean muscle-building machine.

I can sit here and give away all the many health benefits you will receive just by reducing your overall fat level and packing on some hard-earned muscle but that would be rather boring.  I would rather stab myself in the eye.  So for yours and mine benefit I am going to give you 10 reasons on why you should become Jacked and Strong.

Mental Approach to Life & Training

I love energy. Not only in the gym but in life. Nothing fires me up more than hard training and listening to people who motivate me. Not just with what they say but in how they live their lives. They back up their talk with action. These are the people in life who I want to surround myself with. Not the naysayers and people who talk a big game but don’t back it up.