Mental Approach to Life & Training

Mental Approach to Life & Training

I love energy. Not only in the gym but in life. Nothing fires me up more than hard training and listening to people who motivate me. Not just with what they say but in how they live their lives. They back up their talk with action. These are the people in life who I want to surround myself with. Not the naysayers and people who talk a big game but don’t back it up.

And you know the guys who I am talking about. They brag about what they have already done and what they are going to do and when it comes down to it, never accomplish anything. They’re the guys who love to ramble and if for one second would just shut up and take action on something, could be legitimate. But they won’t shut up and will never be legitimate because doing so is a lot tougher than talking about it.

Mental ToughnessThat’s not a way to live your life. If you have people like that in your life, run away. Run very fast, now. Surround yourself with the people who make you stronger, who encourage you, who motivate you. How do you surround yourself with inspiration? Seek out the people who inspire you, keep them close. And it’s not just the people you know. One way I get fired up every morning are through podcasts. Whether listening to podcasts on business or on training, I find by listening to and taking advice of action from others who are ahead of me, it ignites a passion and fire within that is satisfying and gives me a desire for success. My mental approach then becomes, “Game On!” and I am ready to conquer the world.

I used to find that music would set my mind right heading to the gym every morning. I feel I had it all wrong. I’ve noticed a trend for me as of late when taking my morning ride to the gym each day. When I listen to a podcast on fitness and/or business that motivates me, I feel more of a sense of purpose when I arrive at the gym. I am not only ready to crush weights, but crush life.

If you do not have the same energy in life, wake up! You can not succeed in business, can not succeed in training, and can not succeed with your nutrition if you can not draw from the energy of others and apply it to your own life.

This is exactly why you MUST tear yourself away from others who bring you down. I’m not talking about the people who say negative things to you. We all know we wouldn’t hang around them. Most likely, they’re not saying anything negative to your face, anyway.

I am talking about the people who talk success but don’t back it up with action. They are boastful in their accomplishments and let everyone know about it. They also want everyone to know what they’re going to do to show how much of a true bad-ass they are. These are the people who will walk over you and take advantage of you when they have an opportunity. Don’t let that happen. Be smart and seek out smart people. People you can learn from and grow from.

Strength Quote

Strength Quote

What can you do today to create a life of continuous inspiration? Tackle the demons that stand in your path and take control. I challenge each and everyone of us to find more mental toughness. Continue to find resources of motivation and inspiration. Seek out wisdom to enrich your life. Find your inner-strength and conquer life. Until next time, Stay Jacked-Stay Strong!


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