Life & Lifting – Lessons From Steve Spurrier

Life & Lifting – Lessons From Steve Spurrier

“People ask, ‘Why are you still coaching?’ I forgot to get fired and I’m not going to cheat.” – Steve Spurrier

Growing up a fan in the SEC, man, did I love to hate the ol’ HBC.  An offensive-minded football coach in a time where defense ruled the roost, Steve Spurrier brought excitement to the game of college football through his “Fun-N-Gun” offense.

When Spurrier spoke, I’d intently listen waiting for his next great jab.  For this reason, SEC Media Days will never be the same.  Whether you loved him or hated him for it, his brash one-liners will stand the test of time.

Steve Spurrier always spoke his mind and football fans appreciated him for it.  Honesty goes a long way in a profession such as coaching where the media gets hit with a full throttle of canned responses.  Once you hear the same response to questions over and over, it was easy to flip the channel, but Spurrier  was different.  He commanded attention because he told things as they were.

His demeanor may have come off as cocky but I sense it had more to do with confidence, and deservedly so.  With one ACC Championship. six SEC Championships and one National Championship the man is one of the icons in college football.

So, what can we learn from the career of one of the greatest college football coaches in this era?

“You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Free Shoes University.” – Steve Spurrier

Lessons Learned From Steve Spurrier

Be Confident

If there was something that Coach Spurrier lacked, it wasn’t confidence.  He never backed down from an opponent and always had his team ready to fight.

This confidence came from preparation.  Next time you have to take on a challenge, get prepared.  Know you have what it takes to do the job and believe in yourself.  Be confident.

Air It Out

The HBC loved to throw the ball which always kept the defense on their toes.  Airing it out led to more exciting plays and those exciting plays usually led to touchdowns.

Spurrier-Fun N Gun

Sometimes in life, we just gotta go for it.  Let it loose and don’t hold back.  You never know where you just might land.

Call It Like You See It

Coach Spurrier was never one to mince words.  He told you how he felt and he was always ready for a nicely timed verbal jab.

He stood his ground and you should too.  Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.

You may take some heat for your beliefs but people will respect you for it.

Respect Must Be Earned, Not Given

A head football coaching job is not easy.  Expectations are high and results are expected.  Steve Spurrier, for the majority of his career, met those expectations and earned the respect and admiration of many along the way.

People will respect you when you do the things you’re supposed to do.  Check yourself and put in your share of the work if you want respect.  Nobody is gonna give you anything.  You have to earn it.


Don’t be a clock-puncher.  Enrich the lives of others and commit yourself to a higher purpose.  HBC was committed to his players and the outpouring on Twitter reflected it.

Do It For Yourself

Coach Spurrier was never out out to please anyone.  From the day he arrived to the day he left, he was his own man.

Could he have finished out this season before throwing in the towel?  Yes, he could have.

But many believe his heart wasn’t in it.  Instead of forcing himself to get through the remainder of the year, he did what was best for him.  He left us for himself.

Sometimes we need to quit trying to please everyone and do what we know is best for us.  Get out from under the hood of misery and live your life how you want to live it.  Only you know how this should be done.

On a fire at the Auburn library that destroyed 20 books: “The real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet.” – Steve Spurrier

There’s Only One HBC

No coach will ever take the place of Steve Spurrier.  He is one of a kind.

Lesson learned.  Don’t go and try to be like the next guy.  Be yourself and quit trying to fit in.  Success will follow.

Leave Your Mark

Set your goals high, put in the work and leave your footprint along the way.  Steve Spurrier left his mark in the game of football and we are all better for it.

That being said, Saturdays will never be the same.  My hope is ESPN will pick him up for commentary like only Steve Spurrier can do.  Going to miss this coaching legend.

Give It Your All

No doubt the HBC left it all on the field each and every game.  His sideline rants and visor throws made for some of the best SportsCenter highlights.  Coach Spurrier brought with
him passion and gave his best on the field each and every game.

God bless you, Coach Spurrier.  You will be missed.