Cheaters Never Win: 10 Ways to Deal With Deceivers of the WhiteBoard

Cheaters Never Win: 10 Ways to Deal With Deceivers of the WhiteBoard

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” – C.S. Lewis 

Sites like Wodify and BeyondtheWhiteBoard, allow gym-goers to compete with one another even if they’re not in the same class.  The ability to post your WOD time and understand how your fitness level compares to your peers is normally good and healthy competition.

That is, until someone attempts to ruin it.  That is, until you get that infectious disease.  This type of disease is deadly to the morale of a CrossFit box and spreads ill-will.

Cheaters Never Win

There’s one or two in every CrossFit box and it’s going to happen no matter what you do.  The disease is that cheater at the box and though his intent is not to hurt, he’s damaged not only his character but the integrity of the Whiteboard as well.

Hell, he’s cheated so much in WODs that he doesn’t even think twice about it anymore.  He cheats. Everyone around him knows he cheats.  But he doesn’t know everyone knows so he just keeps on cheating.

This never-ending cycle continues until he’s caught by a coach or realizes he’s now the joke.  Even when the cheater doesn’t cheat, everyone thinks he’s still cheating.  By the time he decides to stop, if ever,  he’s ruined his reputation.

Because really, all it takes is once.  With the lack of integrity, he can no longer be trusted.  However, let’s think about this on a larger scale.

What if you lost your job one day?  Some of you would use your network of friends to help you find your next job.  But what if you’re the cheater?  All your peers know who you really are.   Now, no one trusts you.  How can anyone recommend you?  Would they recommend you?

Take it another step. CrossFitters compete throughout the year in local events where 4 man teams are really popular.  Would anyone want you on their team if they know you’re a cheater?

What about team WODs in class?  Would anyone want you on their team in class?  It’s highly unlikely.

First, you as a cheater can’t be trusted.  Second, on a fitness level, no one knows how good you really are.

Hell, you don’t know how good you really are!

So, why cheat?  To have an impressive competitive score on a leader-board for one day?  Is that what fitness is to you?  Positioning on the leader-board?  People work their tails off on a daily basis giving their all in the name of fitness to become more competitive and achieve higher fitness levels.

Cheaters Are Distractions

You as a cheater are the dark cloud in the room bringing everyone around you down.  You’ve become a distraction and you don’t even know it.

Distraction, you ask?  You’ve become a distraction when other athletes start counting your reps during their workout as they attempt to try and keep up with theirs.

Well, congratulations.  You’ve achieved what you set out to accomplish.  Bringing up your score by skipping your reps while also bringing down the reps of others because their focus is now on you.

But why do we worry about those guys who come in and post false scores?  I’ll tell you why.  We know it’s not right.  It’s a slap to the face.

These guys who come in and are worried about everyone else won’t last.  We as athletes know who put in the work versus the ones that don’t.  We know the ones who will take the easy road.

Cheaters may win the sprint today but they’ll lose the marathon tomorrow.

So, a message to you jabroni’s who’ve thought about cheating or are planning to cheat again.  Don’t do it unless you quickly want to become a plague.  You may think no one will notice but there are always eyes on you even when you think there aren’t.

Slow down.  Focus on your fitness goals.  Quit worrying what others will think of you and do the damn work.  That’s how you’ll earn respect and that’s how you’ll build a life of character.


If you’ve cheated in the past, it’s not to late to stop.  Reset your goals, quit worrying with the leader-board and focus on building back any trust you believe you may have damaged.

For you other athletes, here are 10 tips to those who have found that cheater in the room.

1)  Focus on Yourself – You work your tail off everyday.  Don’t let the rodent in the room bring you down.

Take care of yourself.  Focus on your numbers and yours alone.  There will always be cheaters no matter where you go or what you do.  Don’t let them affect you and your road to meet your goals.

2)  Let Your Coach Know – If you see someone cheating in class, let your coach know so he or she can address it in a professional way.

3)  Take the High Road – Meaning, don’t punch him in the face.

4)  Ignore the Person – He’s not worth it.  Do your own thing.  Remember why you’re in class in the first place.

5)  Move Far From The Distraction – If you work out beside a cheater and it’s a distraction, then move. I know you have a certain spot on the gym floor that you call home.  We all do.  However, that spot has grown an infection.

Disinfect yourself!

6)  Lose Yourself – Like Eminem says, “Lose Yourself In The Moment.”  Get lost in your reps and jam to the music filling the air.  You got this.

7)  Become Faster – Best thing you can do for yourself is to become more fit.  This deals with more of a long term position but is a great goal.  Become so good, so fit that there is no way a cheater can cheat you.

Make him have to cheat so bad that he can’t cheat fast enough.  Make him give up and tap himself into submission.  He’ll either stop cheating or disappear.  Either way, he’ll be an after-thought.

8)  Make Friends – This one’s a tough one but you can always help the guy.  Offer him advice but don’t pat him on the back.  You don’t want to encourage his behavior.

9)  Keep Your Distance – Probably the best thing to do if you don’t want to pretend and be nice.  You can be cordial without attempting to be buddy, buddy.

I’m a fan of this one as to not go and lose my sanity.

10)  Compete With your Peers – Focus on those who matter.  Ignore the cheater in the room.  Seek out quality athletes like yourself and focus on the competition.  These are the guys that will ultimately make you better.

Until next time….Stay Jacked, Stay Strong.