Be Relentless

If you want something bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. That’s being relentless.

Relentless means to put your feelings ahead of others. Is it selfish? Only to those who don’t share the same mindset. If you’re relentless you’re not worried about others and their selfishness anyway. You have a mission and what someone else is doing doesn’t concern you.

How to Read 40+ Books A Year

In order to become great, you have to sharpen your mind.  You can lift all the weights you want but to truly become Jacked and Strong, you must open your thinking to the world around you and one way to do this is through reading everyday.

Reading everyday serves us a few purposes.  First, it provides an avenue of mental clarity.  When you’re reading, it’s just you and the book.  It’s a new world of information for you to process and learn from.  When you’re reading the right things, you can better yourself in the long run.  It only takes one idea to get the wheels turning in your head.  Use your time wisely and read.  Stay away from the television.  You should not give a crap about what the Kardashians did last night!

10 Benefits of Rising Early

Mornings are awesome. For me there is no better time of day than when I first wake up and get moving. And I’m not talking about a 10 AM kind of morning either. I mean early rising before the sun comes up and getting on the ready to crush my day.