Dining Out? 10 Tips to Keep Your Gut In Check

Dining out, though not a necessity, has become a mainstay in today’s culture.  Whether it’s the experience of trying new food or the entertainment aspect of spending time with friends and family, restaurants are on every corner lined up waiting on you while you stuff your face.

I know healthy dining habits have been written on time and again.  Heck, even I’ve written on this once before.  However, it’s so important that it’s discussed another time, in another way, because of how much of an impact it plays on our lives in regards to what we eat and how we can keep the peace within our nutritional habits.

8 Tips to Dining Out & Eating Healthy

The number is staggering but the average American dines outside of their home 4 to 5 times a week.  To put another way, Americans eat 20%  of their meals per week away from home.

This statistic tells us is that dining out is widely popular and whether it’s due to convenience or due to travel, dining at restaurants is a way of American life.

Because of this, the tendency for many is to blame their busy schedule and the lack of options when dining out to keep them from eating healthy.

Eat Your Heart Out: Build Muscle, Lose Fat

There are three options when it comes to weight and nutrition.  Though the number of diet fads in fitness are endless, it ultimately comes down to your goal (being the option you want to take) and how you want to get there.  You can opt to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.  Simple, yes I know.  The hard part is actually implementing and figuring out what will work best for you.

Cheating 101: 3 Ways to Cheat a Cheat Meal

If you’ve ever gone on a diet or you are one who watches your weight regularly, then having a cheat meal during the week may be something you really look forward too.  After all, you work hard on your physique and having one meal outside of your norm won’t hurt your gains.   So that what I am saying isn’t exaggerated, a cheat meal isn’t giving you permission to go on an all-out food binge.  It’s simply a “meal” you can use during the week to let go for a bit and not be so strict on yourself if you’re following a balanced diet.