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Five Benefits of Strength Training

Let’s face it; picking up weights is not easy. It’s taxing not only physically, but also mentally. Do you ever get nervous walking up to a barbell? I do on almost every occasion.  As the weight increases so does my nervousness and determination.   If you don’t get a bit nervous just before you lift, you probably need to lift a little heavier.

All Juiced Up! Hey Man, Do You Take Steroids?

Kid on Steroids

If I had a dollar for every time….

Listen, if you are an athlete or if you’re just an ordinary Joe like me who loves to lift weights, and you bust your rump enough to show off a physique, you’re bound to get asked, “Hey, are you taking anything?” Now this question doesn’t sound so intrusive but what is being implied is they want to know if you’re taking the juice. Are you, in fact, taking steroids?

5 Things You Should Be Tracking With Your Fitness

Weight MeasurementWhen it comes to being fit, there are a number of ways you can track your progress and know whether your body is headed in the right direction. Technology today has spoiled us and made it very easy to track things such as number of steps we take and the daily calories we burn. It’s time we take a step back and look at what I believe are the top five items that are most important when it comes to determining our fitness.

This list goes in no certain order as they’re are all of equal importance.