Hit Your 1st Pull-Up, Pull-Up Progressions

Hit Your 1st Pull-Up, Pull-Up Progressions

I remember a while back in my days at globo-gyms, walking up to the pull-up bar, hitting 3 or 4 strict pull-ups, and think to myself, “This sucks!” and I would then stop.

It’s not that I was thinking pull-ups suck; it’s that I sucked at them and I had no plan on how to get better at them. Not having a plan on how to attack pull-ups and then doing them on occasion was the reason I was terrible at them.

7 Squat Everyday Challenges

If you’ve been following my other posts, you’ll have realized by now that I am a big fan of the squat. There is no compound exercise more simple, outside of the deadlift, that packs on muscle and works your body to a sweat.

Also, with a huge number of rep schemes and different programs available for the squat, you should never get bored with this exercise. This is why I’ve chosen to write again on squatting.

Mind Strength-7 Hacks to Self Confidence

“If You don’t have CONFIDENCE, you’ll always find a way not TO WIN.” – Carl Lewis, 9 Time Olympic Gold Medalist

9 times out of 10, defeat begins in the mind.  Think about the last time you went for something a little scary like the last big PR attempt, that interview where on paper you weren’t as qualified as the next guy, that hot girl who keeps looking at you but you can’t find the nerve to go and talk to her.

With defeat already in your mind, how did things turn out?  You don’t even have to answer, my man.  I already know.  You can’t be a WINNER if you lack the confidence.