Pensacola Beach Brawl 4 – A Review

Pensacola Beach Brawl 4 – A Review

Competition brings out the best in all of us.  I mean, we compete with ourselves everyday.  Whether we’re lifting heavier weight, attempting to run just a second faster, hitting that AMRAP for just one more rep, we want to be better than we were yesterday.

We compete not just with ourselves, but against others.  How good are we?  How far have we come? We find the answers through competition.  Competing against others is a testing ground and the testing ground came this past weekend at Pensacola Beach Brawl 4.

Channeling Your Warrior Within

Warrior – A person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness.

To succeed in the weight room, you must have patience and the ability to maintain a mental focus.  Building muscle and breaking PR’s is not easy and to see success takes perseverance.

To persevere, you must commit yourself to the barbell.  It’s only when you commit yourself that you begin to get results.  This relates not only to lifting but in life as well.  Think about it in these two scenarios.

8 Tips to Dining Out & Eating Healthy

The number is staggering but the average American dines outside of their home 4 to 5 times a week.  To put another way, Americans eat 20%  of their meals per week away from home.

This statistic tells us is that dining out is widely popular and whether it’s due to convenience or due to travel, dining at restaurants is a way of American life.

Because of this, the tendency for many is to blame their busy schedule and the lack of options when dining out to keep them from eating healthy.

Garage Gym Essentials: The “Must Have” Equipment

If you have the capability, meaning you have a garage,  creating a garage gym is one of the best ways you can invest in yourself.  No more globo-gym memberships where you stand around looking busy as you wait for the squat rack to open up.  In your garage gym, you wait on no one and your effort to get to the gym is dependent on how long it takes you to tie your shoes.