Eat Your Heart Out: Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Eat Your Heart Out: Build Muscle, Lose Fat

There are three options when it comes to weight and nutrition.  Though the number of diet fads in fitness are endless, it ultimately comes down to your goal (being the option you want to take) and how you want to get there.  You can opt to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.  Simple, yes I know.  The hard part is actually implementing and figuring out what will work best for you.

7/13 Squat Program – A Review

Looking for a challenge?  A real test of mental fortitude?  Well, look no further.  The 7/13 squat program will make men out of boys.  Seriously, it’s no joke.  7/13 originally came from The Outlaw Way programming when Spencer Arnold of Power and Grace Performance, was involved with them.  If you don’t know who Spencer is, check this out, or this, or this.

The Work Out: When Is Enough, Enough?

If you’ve been lifting for a while,”You must workout.” is a statement you are probably familiar with hearing when meeting someone new.  A popular question that seems to go right along with this is, “How many days do you work out a week?”  For me, I usually give my answer without all the little details.  Haha, but if they only knew!

How to Read 40+ Books A Year

In order to become great, you have to sharpen your mind.  You can lift all the weights you want but to truly become Jacked and Strong, you must open your thinking to the world around you and one way to do this is through reading everyday.

Reading everyday serves us a few purposes.  First, it provides an avenue of mental clarity.  When you’re reading, it’s just you and the book.  It’s a new world of information for you to process and learn from.  When you’re reading the right things, you can better yourself in the long run.  It only takes one idea to get the wheels turning in your head.  Use your time wisely and read.  Stay away from the television.  You should not give a crap about what the Kardashians did last night!

Cheating 101: 3 Ways to Cheat a Cheat Meal

If you’ve ever gone on a diet or you are one who watches your weight regularly, then having a cheat meal during the week may be something you really look forward too.  After all, you work hard on your physique and having one meal outside of your norm won’t hurt your gains.   So that what I am saying isn’t exaggerated, a cheat meal isn’t giving you permission to go on an all-out food binge.  It’s simply a “meal” you can use during the week to let go for a bit and not be so strict on yourself if you’re following a balanced diet.