10 Reasons to Become Jacked & Strong

10 Reasons to Become Jacked & Strong

In order to get Jacked, in order to get Strong, you must take action.  It’s not for everybody.  Not everybody can hack it.  It takes a certain mentality and a certain mental toughnessYou either want it or you don’t.  For those of you that do, I have a simple tip for you…”Go Get It.”  It’s that simple.  Get your butt in the gym, take care of yourself in the kitchen and get a proper amount of sleep at night and you can dwindle the fat away and become a lean muscle-building machine.

I can sit here and give away all the many health benefits you will receive just by reducing your overall fat level and packing on some hard-earned muscle but that would be rather boring.  I would rather stab myself in the eye.  So for yours and mine benefit I am going to give you 10 reasons on why you should become Jacked and Strong.

1)  If You Are Jacked, Less People Screw With You

The Jacked guy always gets the respect.  When you look big, not many will challenge you.  For instance, pretend there are two guys.  One dude is your average looking Joe who weighs a buck 60 soaking wet.  The other guy weighs over 200 and muscles are popping out of his t-shirt.


Now pretend you’re a bad guy.  You’re a robber.  Which dude are you going to attempt to take advantage of?  Who are you going to rob?  It’s not the muscle-popping, t-shirt wearing, Alpha Male.  No, you’ll pick the weak noodle looking dude and gather some easy pickings.  Case in point, get bigger, get stronger, and people won’t screw with you.

2)  You’re All Around Healthier

Not only do you look good, you feel good too.  Reason is because you are healthy.  My family and I were at a baseball game the other night and we stared as we watched a middle age woman climbing the stairs at the ballpark to get to her seat.  Her husband had made it to some upper level seats but she had to stop her ascend as she became quickly out of breath during the climb.



End result, the husband had to come back down and join her to take some seats at a lower level.  Don’t worry, she’s okay.  We watched as a few minutes later she pulled out her electronic cigarette.


Give me a frigging break.  If you are that person who smokes and you can’t make it up a flight of stairs, do us all a favor and put your cigarettes down!  It’s time to change your life.  It’s time to start getting Jacked & Strong.

3)  Less Likely To Be Sick

You know how I said that you’re all around healthier when you’re stronger?  Well, it’s true.  By lifting weights and eating healthy foods, you give a substantial boost to your immune system, which in turn, improves your response to illness.  You will rarely get sick but when you do the sickness is much milder and you’ll recover much quicker. 

If you ask me, the #1 prescription to help prevent illness.  I call it, “Get Up Off You’re A*$!”

4)  Recover Quicker

I remember as a new guy working out, the feeling of being destroyed after a 45 minute session.  I’d go home feeling helpless.  My arms were sore, my legs achy, just an all-around mess.  As time moved on and I continued a weekly routine in the gym, my muscles not only began getting bigger but I wasn’t so sore anymore.  I now leave the gym feeling winded, but revitalized.  For instance, I squat nearly everyday.  Most serious lifters do.  I know for a fact that if I had started squatting everyday as the new guy, the hospital would have been in my future.  Building strength increases your muscle stamina, allowing you to lift heavier and recover quicker.

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5)  Strength Becomes A Teacher

You want to be strong?  Be prepared to go to school.  Not like Bayside High School in Saved By the Bell.  I’m talking about the school of Discipline, Humility and Resilience.  To be Jacked and Strong takes hard work, I’ve emphasized that. 

Just as important  as the work you put in, is discipline. It takes a good share of mental toughness to be in the gym everyday, rain or shine, cold or hot.  You can’t wait for the perfect day to go hard in the gym.  If you do, you’ll rarely ever get there.

Humility is experienced quite often in the gym.   The barbell will humble the greatest of human beings.  It will forever challenge you and you’ll always want more.

To be Jacked and Strong, you must be resilient.   The weight room isn’t always a rosy day full of PRs as you see on your daily Facebook and Instagram feeds.  You are going to try and you are going to fail, plenty.  Be ready to bounce back and try again tomorrow.  Building strength is a journey, enjoy the ride.

6)  It Just Feels Good

When you pick up heavy weight, it feels awesome.  By lifting weights, you will feel more accomplished and ready to take on any task.  Sometimes, the hardest part of your day is in the weight room.  That’s a good thing.  It makes the rest of your day seem easy!

7)  You Can Eat More

I hope that if you’re busting your tail in the gym that you’re working just as hard in the kitchen.  You’re wasting your time if you don’t know your basic caloric intake.  Whether you’re trying to  lose weight, gain muscle or simply maintain, you’ve got to know where you stand daily calorie wise.  Trust me, your going to lose the weight game if you wing it when it comes to your calorie balance.  Bright side is once you’ve been counting your calories for a couple months you won’t need to be  so anal about it after that.  You’re most likely eating the same stuff day in and day out with a few twists, as we’re human and habitual in nature.  We’re not hard to figure out.

By going to the gym, you can depend on at least a minimum of 300 calories burned.  So when you go to put on the muscle, that’s just more calories you can feed them!

8)  You’re Always Ready For Summer

Forget the 60 days to shredded diets.  You’ve been shredded all year long.  Everyday is Shred Day.  You are Jacked and Strong!

9)  Increase In Confidence

Lifting weights builds confidence by building a great body.  Every time that waist line decreases and the barbell weight increases, your confidence skyrockets.  You’re strong, tough as nails, and you smile as people stare.  It’s a great feeling and it shows in your confidence throughout each day. 

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10)  You See Results

Being Jacked and Strong is a result of your training and diet.  Both are in your total control and You have the choice of how You want to feel and how You want to look.  Strength doesn’t happen overnight  but it doesn’t take long to see change and feel change within your body.  That’s the beautiful thing about lifting weights and good nutritional habits.  You see results and get what You put into it.  It’s your body and now’s a better time than never to get Jacked and Strong!


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